SDS: HP OPG Inkjet Supplies

*** These Safety Data Sheets are only authorised for use by HP for HP Original products. Any unauthorised use of this Safety Data Sheet is strictly prohibited and may result in legal action being taken by HP. ***


*** HP Safety Data Sheets are meant to convey information about HP inks (toners) provided in HP Original ink (toner) supplies. If our Safety Data Sheet has been provided to you with a refilled, remanufactured, compatible or other non-HP Original supply please be aware that the information contained herein was not meant to convey information about such products and there could be considerable differences from information in this document and the safety information for the product you purchased. Please contact the seller of the refilled, remanufactured or compatible supplies for applicable information, including information on personal protective equipment, exposure risks and safe handling guidance. HP does not accept refilled, remanufactured or compatible supplies in our recycling programs. ***

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On-line access to Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDSs) for several countries and languages is available for the printing supplies listed below.

MSDS's contain safety information about materials such as physical, chemical and toxicological properties, regulatory information, and recommendations to ensure safe handling.

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Part #Description
6ZA10SERIES OEM Samsung PHA Metis Black Ink Crtg
CB876SERIES Black Print Cartridge
CB907SERIES Black print cartridge
CB908SERIES OEM 337 BCH Tri-color Inkjet Cartridge
CB938SERIES Black print cartridge
CB939SERIES Black print cartridge
CB940SERIES OEM 337 BCH Tri-color Inkjet Cartridge
CB941SERIES None Available
CB947SERIES Black Ink Cartridge
CB948SERIES Black Ink Cartridge
CB956SERIES OEM 110 Tri-color Inkjet Cartridge
CB957SERIES Black print cartridge
CB964SERIES Black Print Cartridge
CB965SERIES Tri-color Print Cartridge
CG304S black print cartridge
CG304SERIES Black Ink Cartridge
CG305SERIES Black Ink Cartridge
D8H94SERIES OEM SETUP Black Ink Cartridge
D8H95SERIES OEM SETUP Black Ink Cartridge
D8H97SERIES OEM SETUP Magenta Ink Cartridge
D8H98SERIES OEM SETUP Yellow Ink Cartridge
D8H99SERIES OEM Black Ink Cartridge
D8J01SERIES OEM Magenta Ink Cartridge
D8J02SERIES OEM Yellow Ink Cartridge
F0L23SERIES OEM 2531 45a Black Private Label 40ml Ink Cartridge
F6T93SERIES OEM 110 More Tri-color Ink Cartridge
F6U55SERIES OEM 110 More Tri-color Ink Crtg
J3N73SERIES OEM Neuralog SETUP Cyan Ink Crtg
J3N74SERIES OEM Neuralog SETUP Mag Ink Crtg
J3N75SERIES OEM Neuralog SETUP Yellow Ink Crtg
J3N76SERIES OEM Neuralog SETUP Black Ink Crtg
J3N77SERIES OEM Neuralog Cyan Ink Crtg
J3N78SERIES OEM Neuralog Mag Ink Crtg
J3N79SERIES OEM Neuralog Yellow Ink Crtg
J3N80SERIES OEM Neuralog Black Ink Crtg
Q2273A Black Ink Cartridge
Q2279A Black Ink Cartridge
Q2289SERIES Black Print Cartridge
Q2290SERIES Tri-color Print Cartridge
Q2291SERIES Photo print cartridge
Q2292SERIES Black Print Cartridge
Q2293SERIES Tri-color Print Cartridge
Q2294SERIES Photo print cartridge
Q2295SERIES Black Print Cartridge
Q2296SERIES Tri-color Print Cartridge
Q2297SERIES Black Print Cartridge
Q2298SERIES Tri-color Print Cartridge
Q2339SERIES Black Print Cartridge
Q2340SERIES Tri-color Print Cartridge
Q2361SERIES Black Print Cartridge
Q2362SERIES Tri-color Print Cartridge
Q2363SERIES OEM 8766 Tri-color Print Cartridge
Q2364SERIES OEM 9363 Tri-color Print Cartridge
Q2365SERIES Black print cartridge
Q2366SERIES Black print cartridge
Q2367SERIES Photo print cartridge
Q3278SERIES Black Print Cartridge
Q3279SERIES Tri-color Print Cartridge
Q3280SERIES Black Print Cartridge
Q3281SERIES Tri-color Print Cartridge
Q3282SERIES Black Print Cartridge
Q3283SERIES Tri-color Print Cartridge
Q3326SERIES None Available
Q3327SERIES None Available
Q3328SERIES Black print cartridge
Q7441A OEM 84 Black Printhead
Q7442SERIES Cyan Ink Cartridge
Q7443A OEM 85 Magenta Printhead
Q7444A OEM 85 Yellow Printhead
Q7445SERIES Cyan Ink cartridge
Q7446SERIES Magenta Ink Cartridge
Q7447A OEM 84 Ink Cartridge Blk 69ml
Q7448SERIES Cyan Ink Cartridge
Q7449A OEM 85 Ink Cartridge Magneta 28ml
Q7450A OEM 85 Ink Cartridge Yellow 69ml
Q7451SERIES Cyan Ink Cartridge
Q7452SERIES Magenta Ink Cartridge
Q7463SERIES Black print cartridge
Q7470SERIES OEM 8766 SHRP Tricolor Inkjet Cartridge
Q7471SERIES Photo print cartridge
Q7481A black print cartridge
T6M60SERIES Ink Cartridge Samsung Nesta Black
T6M61SERIES Ink Cartridge Samsung Nesta Cyan
T6M62SERIES Ink Cartridge Samsung Nesta Magenta
T6M63SERIES Ink Cartridge Samsung Nesta Yellow
T6M68SERIES Ink Cartridge Samsung Super Nesta Black
T6M69SERIES Ink Cartridge Samsung Super Nesta Cyan
T6M70SERIES Ink Cartridge Samsung Super Nesta Magenta
T6M71SERIES Ink Cartridge Samsung Super Nesta Yellow
T6M76SERIES OEM Samsung Black Ink Cartridge
T6M77SERIES OEM Samsung Cyan Ink Cartridge
T6M78SERIES OEM Samsung Magenta Ink Cartridge
T6M79SERIES OEM Samsung Yellow Ink Cartridge