UN 38.3 Reports:HP Battery Packs

*** These UN 38.3 Battery Test Reports are only authorized for use by HP for HP Original products. Any unauthorized use of these UN 38.3 Battery Test Reports is strictly prohibited and may result in legal action being taken by HP. ***


***As of January 1, 2020 HP as a shipper is obliged to provide UN 38.3 Lithium Battery Test Summary Reports on request. As per IATA instructions this does not mean that the shipper must supply the test summary or that the test summary must accompany a consignment. The general view is that the test summary will only be requested in the event of an incident or where there is doubt as to compliance of the consignment.Please note that UN 38.3 Lithium Battery Test Summary Reports contain battery test information such as thermal, vibration, shock, discharge, drop, impact etc.***

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If you cannot find the UN Test Report that you need contact us by providing battery RMN#, sub-assembly part number and/or commercial product name.

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RMN#(Battery Identifier)Sub AssemblyProduct Compatibility Test Summary
CR2032 L/BN 930-12930-2500-000 NVIDIA® SHIELDTM TV Remote Panasonic