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MSDS: Compaq branded printers

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On-line access to product safety information is available for the Compaq branded printers listed here. To view or print the PDF files below, you need to have Adobe Acrobat Reader installed on your computer. Acrobat Reader is a free plug-in. You can download the latest version or download a version with accessibility features.

Printer supplies for Compaq branded printers (MSDS)

Part # Description Printer compatibility
108457-B21, LN16X-AA Toner Pack LN16 laser printer
108458-B21, LN16X-AB OPC Drum LN16 laser printer
108473-B21, LN32X-AA Toner Cartridge LN32 laser printer
126443-001 Toner Pack Pagemarq 15/20 printer
180844-001, 15M0120, 15M0125 Color Print Cartridge (Standard and High Yield) IJ1200, IJ1400, A1500, A3000, A4000 printers
180845-001, 337714-001, 13400HC Black Print Cartridge IJ200 printer
180846-001, 337715-001, 13619HC Color Print Cartridge IJ200 printer
180847-001, 337709-001, 12A1970, 12A1975 Black Print Cartridge (Standard and High Yield) IJ300, IJ700, IJ750, IJ900, IJ1200, IJ1400, C1000, A900, A1500, A3000, A4000 printers
180848-001, 337710-001, 12A1980, 12A1985 Color Print Cartridge (Standard and High Yield) IJ300, IJ700, IJ750, IJ900, C1000, A900 printers
180849-001, 337711-001, 12A1990 Photo Print Cartridge IJ600, IJ750, IJ900, IJ1200, IJ1400, C1000, A900, A1500, A3000, A4000 printers
203428-001, 16G0055, 17G0050 Black Print Cartridge (Standard and High Yield) IJ600 printer
203429-001, 16G0065, 17G0060 Color Print Cartridge (Standard and High Yield) IJ600 printer
337714-001 Black Print Cartridge Pagemarq IJ 200 Series printer
LA12R-06, 36-18258-01, LA34R-03, 36-15514-02, LQP03-KA, 36-22476-01, LGXXR-04, 36-25855-01, LA10R-06, 36-20798-01, LA50R-06, 36-20464-01 Ribbon (Black) Dot matrix printers
LA24R-KC, 36-32095-03 Ribbon (Black, Cyan, Magenta, and Yellow) LA324, LA424 printers
LA30R-KA, 36-47021-01 Ribbon (Black) LA30N/LA30W dot matrix printers
LA30R-KC, 36-47026-01 Ribbon (Black, Cyan, Magenta, and Yellow) LA30N/LA30W dot matrix printers
LA31R-06 Ribbon LA310 series printer ribbon
LA36R-12, 36-10558-01, LAXXR-12, 36-12153-01, LXYXX-RB, 36-15222-01, LP25R-06, 36-16796-01, LP29R-03, 36-29888-01 Ribbon (Black) Line printers
LA40R-KA, 36-47617-01 Ribbon Cartridge (Black) LA400 Printers
LA40R-KC, 36-47618-01 Ribbon Cartridge (Color) LA400 Printers
LA42R-KA, 36-41021-01 Ribbon (Black) Printer ribbon
LA60R-KA Ribbon (Black) LA600 Multiprinters
LA60R-KC Ribbon (Black, Cyan, Magenta, and Yellow) LA600 Multiprinters
LA70R-01, 36-35129-01, LA75R-KA, 36-40243-01, LGR31-01, 36-29264-01 Ribbon (Black) Dot matrix printers
LA95R-KA, 36-40230-01, LA19R-KA, 36-41147-01 Ribbon (Black) DECwriter 65/95/195 printers
LA95R-KC, 36-40231-01, LA19R-KC, 36-41148-01 Ribbon (Black, Cyan, Magenta, and Yellow) DECwriter 65/95/195 printers
LF01X-KA, 36-34814-01 Ribbon (Black) DEColormate PostScript (PS) printers
LF02X-KA, 36-41571-01, LF02X-KB, 36-41571-02, LF02X-KC, 36-41572-01 Ribbon (Black, Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, Ribbon (Black, Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, and ColorCoat) Printer ribbon
LG6XX-BC, 36-36692-01, LG12R-BC, 36-36692-02, LGXXR-SR, 36-36692-03, LGXXR-LR, 36-36692-04 Ribbon (Black) LG04Plus, LG06, LG12 printers
LJ50X-AA, 22-12345-01, LJ50X-AB, 22-12345-02, LJ50X-AC, 22-12345-03 Ink Cartridge (Black) LJ16/LJ18/LJ36 and DECwriter 100/500 Series Printers
LJ90X-AA, 22-12549-01, LJ90X-AB, 22-12549-02, LJ90X-AC, 22-12549-03 Ink Cartridge (Black) DECwriter 90IP Printers
LN03X-AC, 22-00062-01, LN03X-TA, 22-00062-02 Toner Cartridge LN03 laser printers
LN07X-AC, 22-00847-01 EP-L Toner Cartridge DEClaser 1100 printers
LN08X-AA, 22-00916-01, LN08X-AC, 22-00906-01 Toner Cartridge DEClaser 3000 Printers
LN08X-AB, 22-00907-01 Photoreceptor DEClaser 3000 Printers
LN0XX-AA EP-E Toner Cartridge DEClaser 5100 printers
LN11X-AA, 22-12196-01 Toner Cartridge DEClaser 1800 Printers
LN14X-AA, 22-12313-01 Toner Cartridge DEClaser 3500 Printers
LN17X-AA, 22-13091-01 Toner Cartridge LN17 Printers
LN20X-AA Toner Cartridge (Black) PrintServer 20
LN40X-AA Toner LN40 printer
LN40X-AB Developer LN40 printer
LN40X-AC Drum LN40 printer
LNC1X-AA, 22-13086-01 Black Toner Cartridge Colorwriter LSR 2000
LNC1X-AB, 22-13086-02, LNC1X-AC, 22-13086-03, LNC1X-AD, 22-13086-04 Toner Cartridge (Cyan, Magenta, Yellow) Colorwriter LSR 2000
LNC1X-AF, 49-03003-01 Silicon Oil Colorwriter LSR 2000
LNC2X-AA Toner Cartridge (Black) LNC02 color laser printer
LNC2X-AB Toner Cartridge (Cyan) LNC02 color laser printer
LNC2X-AC Toner Cartridge (Magenta) LNC02 color laser printer
LNC2X-AD Toner Cartridge (Yellow) LNC02 color laser printer
LNC2X-AF OPC Drum LNC02 color laser printer
LNC2X-AG Silicone Oil LNC02 color laser printer
LNXX-AC, 22-00580-01 EP-S Toner Cartridge DEClaser 2000/2200 printers
LP27R-01, 36-11688-01, LP29R-01, 36-29277-01 Ribbon (Black) Line printers
LPS1X-AA EP-N Toner Cartridge LN17 laser printers
LPS2X-AA, 22-00231-01; (KIT A), 29-27421-01; LPS3X-AA, 22-10690-01 Toner Cartridge (Black) PrintServer 20/32 Printers
LPS2X-AC, 22-00233-01(KIT C), 29-27398-01, LPS3X-AC, 22-10691-01 OPC Drum PrintServer 20/32 printers
LPS4X-AA, 49-01772-01 Toner Cartridge PrintServer 40 Printers
LPS4X-AB, 22-00079-01 Developer PrinterServer 40 Printers
LPS4X-AC, 49-01771-01 Fuser Oil PrintServer 40 Printers
LPS4X-AC, 49-01771-01 Fuser Oil - EU Format PrintServer 40 Printers
PCXXA-AP, 36-40243-01, TUCO3, 36-29254-01 Cleaning Pads Dot Matrix Printers
PCXXA-PC, 49-02100-01 Platen Cleaner Printer platens