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Product disassembly instructions are provided to electronics recyclers.

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DescriptionDocument Date
Color LaserJet 2550 Series 08/2006
Color LaserJet 2600n 08/2006
Color LaserJet 3000 Series 08/2006
Color LaserJet 3500 Series 08/2006
Color LaserJet 3500/3500n, 3550/3550n, 3700/3700d/3700dn/3700dtn Series 08/2006
Color LaserJet 3600 Series 08/2006
Color LaserJet 3700 Series 08/2006
Color LaserJet 3800 Series 08/2006
Color LaserJet 3800-3000 500-Sheet Input Paper Feeder/Tray, Q5985A 08/2006
Color LaserJet 4650 Series 08/2006
Color LaserJet 4700 500-sheet Feeder, Q7499A 08/2006
Color LaserJet 4700 Series 08/2006
Color LaserJet 5550 Series 08/2006
Color LaserJet CP3505 Series 07/2007
Color LaserJet CP3525 Series 09/2008
Color LaserJet CP6015 Series 09/2008
HP Color Laser 150a_150nw 05/2019
HP Color LaserJet 9500n, 9500hdn Series 08/2006
HP Color LaserJet CP4025n/HP Color LaserJet CP4025dn 10/2009
HP Color LaserJet CP4525n/HP Color LaserJet CP4525dn/HP Color LaserJet CP4525xh 10/2009
HP Color LaserJet Ent M553 / M552 series 12/2018
HP Color LaserJet Enterprise CP5225 Series Printer 11/2010
HP Color LaserJet Enterprise M651 Series 08/2015
HP Color LaserJet Enterprise M652n_M652dn _M653dn_M653dh_M653x_E65050dn_E65060dn_E65150dn_E65160dn 05/2019
HP Color LaserJet Enterprise M751 series 05/2019
HP Color LaserJet Pro M154a_M154nw_WEEE End-of-Life Disassembly 10/2017
HP Color LaserJet Pro M254nw_M254dw_M254dn_WEEE End-of-Life Disassembly 10/2017
HP Color LaserJet Pro M452 Printer Series 10/2015
HP Color LaserJetPro M252 Series 08/2015
HP Laser 107a_108a_103a_107w_108w_107r 05/2019
HP LaserJet 1500-Sheet High Capacity Input Tray 10/2012
HP LaserJet 500-Sheet Input Tray and Feeder 03/2010
HP LaserJet 500-Sheet Input Tray Feeder 10/2012
HP LaserJet 500-Sheet Stacker 10/2012
HP LaserJet 500-Sheet Stapler/Stacker 10/2012
HP LaserJet 75-Sheet Envelope Feeder 10/2012
HP LaserJet Automatic Duplexer 10/2012
HP LaserJet Custom Media Cassette 10/2012
HP LaserJet Enterprise 600 M601n/M601dn 10/2012
HP LaserJet Enterprise 600 M602n/M602dn/M602x 10/2012
HP LaserJet Enterprise 600 M603n/M603dn/M603xh 10/2012
HP LaserJet Enterprise M506 Printer Series 12/2018
HP LaserJet Enterprise M507 Series 06/2019
HP LaserJet Enterprise M606/M605/M604 Series 08/2015
HP LaserJet Enterprise M607dn_M607n_E60055dn_E60155dn WEEE End-of-Life Disassembly 04/2019
HP LaserJet Enterprise M608n_M608dn_E60065dn_E60065x_M608x_E60165dn WEEE End-of-Life Disassembly 04/2019
HP LaserJet Enterprise M609dn_E60075dn_E60975x_M609x_M609dh_ E60175dn WEEE End-of-Life Disassembly 05/2019
HP LaserJet Enterprise M806 series 07/2014
HP LaserJet Enterprise P3010 Series Printers 03/2010
HP LaserJet M701/M706 Series 01/2015
HP LaserJet P1102 Printer series 07/2014
HP LaserJet P2035, HP LaserJet P2035n 10/2009
HP LaserJet P2055d, HP LaserJet P2055dn, HP LaserJet P2055x 10/2009
HP LaserJet P4014, P4014n, P4014dn 08/2009
HP LaserJet Pro 400 M401 series 05/2013
HP LaserJet Pro CP1025 Color Printer series 07/2014
HP LaserJet Pro M15a_M15w_WEEE disassembly instruction 04/2018
HP LaserJet Pro M201/M202 series 10/2014
HP LaserJet Pro M203dn_M203dw_M118dw WEEE End-of-Life Disassembly 11/2018
HP LaserJet Pro M402, M403 Printer Series 12/2015
HP LaserJet Pro M501 Printer Series 04/2016
HP LaserJet Pro P1100 Series 03/2011
HP LaserJet Pro P1560 Series 03/2011
HP LaserJet Pro P1600 Series 03/2011
HP PageWide Enterprise Color 765dn_ HP PageWide Managed Color E75160dn_WEEE disassembly 09/2017
Jetdirect 170X, 175X, en3700, ew2400 10/2006
Jetdirect 300X, 510X 10/2006
LaserJet 1018 08/2006
LaserJet 1020 08/2006
LaserJet 1022 Series 08/2006
LaserJet 1160 08/2006
LaserJet 1320 08/2006
LaserJet 1500-sheet Feeder, Q2444B 07/2006
LaserJet 2400 Series 08/2006
LaserJet 2400 Series 500-sheet Input Tray, Q5963A 08/2006
LaserJet 250-sheet Feeder, Q1865A 08/2006
LaserJet 4240n 07/2006
LaserJet 4250 Series 07/2006
LaserJet 4350 Series 07/2006
LaserJet 500-sheet Feeder, C8055A 08/2006
LaserJet 5100 Series 08/2006
LaserJet 5200 Series 08/2008
LaserJet 750-sheet Stapler Stacker, Q7003A 08/2006
LaserJet 8150 Series 08/2006
LaserJet 9040 Series 08/2006
LaserJet 9050 Series 08/2006
LaserJet Automatic Duplexer 08/2006
LaserJet Envelope Feeder, C8053A 08/2006
LaserJet Envelope Feeder, Q2438B 07/2006
LaserJet P1005 07/2008
LaserJet P1006 07/2008
LaserJet P1505 Series 07/2008
LaserJet P2014 Series 08/2007
LaserJet P2015 Series 08/2007
LaserJet P3005 Series 08/2007
LaserJet Stacker, Q2442B 07/2006
WEEE_Product EOL Disassembly Instructions_Diamond DN_Rev A 06/2017
WEEE_Product EOL Disassembly Instructions_Diamond Z_Rev A 06/2017
WEEE_Product EOL Disassembly Instructions_Jade DN_Rev A 06/2017
WEEE_Product EOL Disassembly Instructions_Jade Z_Rev A 06/2017
WEEE_Product EOL Disassembly Instructions_Ruby DN_Rev A 06/2017
WEEE_Product EOL Disassembly Instructions_Topaz DN_Rev A 06/2017